What is the Neonatal Priority Setting Partnership?

A group of healthcare professionals and parent representatives came together in 2022-3 to oversee a process to identify and prioritise research questions that can be tested in randomised trials in UK neonatal care. Answers to the questions submitted should improve neonatal care and reduce unwanted variations in practice.

What were the results?

All eligible questions were amalgamated into a final list of prioritised research questions. These can be viewed here.

Prioritised questions list

How were the questions prioritised?

The partnership invited submissions of research questions using a question building tool. They then reviewed the submitted questions and developed a final list (removing any duplicates, questions that have already been answered, and those out of scope.)

The perinatal community then prioritised the questions in order of importance by completing surveys.

What happens next?

The protocol and full results were published in 2023 and disseminated to stakeholders including research organisations such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). 

The results of this prioritisation process will help guide future funding and development of interventional trials to ensure that they address questions of clinical import, change clinical practice and reduce research waste.

Read the full publication

Who has been involved?

All those invested in neonatal care were encouraged to take part (including but not limited to) doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, parents, former patients and researchers to make sure we can identify the questions most important to all of us.

Prioritised questions - final list
British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) is registered in England & Wales under charity number 1199712 at 5-11 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8SH.
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