Below is a summary of action and achievements over the last week for the Ukraine Perinatal Group.


The Ukraine Perinatal Group was set up to :

1. Advocate for mothers and babies in Ukraine

2. Determine the situation in Ukraine in relation to the provision of neonatal care and support Ukrainian colleagues

3. Determine situation and provide support to neonatal colleagues in bordering countries

4. Work with European colleagues to ensure actions are coordinated

(See last week's update.)

Actions and outcomes from week beginning 14 March

1. BAPM has received a response to their letter written to the Secretary of State in relation to the establishment of humanitarian corridors

2. Members of the Ukraine Perinatal Group developed an Education Package in relation to management in low resource settings which has been translated to Ukrainian and shared with Ukrainian neonatal colleagues for comment

3. Members of the Ukraine Perinatal Group developed a ‘kit list’ for use in providing neonatal care in both resource poor settings and more specialised neonatal care settings. Many thanks to Aniko Deierl for driving this and above forward.  

4. Members of the group have been working closely with the NGO Maternal and Child health Advocacy International (MCAI) in order to support the development of humanitarian corridors

5. The Ukraine Perinatal Group met with colleagues in Poland and Ukraine again this week - these meetings take place on a weekly basis to determine the situation on the ground and provide support. 

6. Members of the group set up a pan European meeting with neonatal colleagues including Ukrainian colleagues with UNICEF representation to work around coordination of work in relation to providing equipment and explore the need for potential transfers. We heard that a number of countries had pledged support for transfers and how these are triaged on the ground. 

7. The Ukraine Perinatal Group has engaged with the RCOG and RCM in relation to highlighting the issues for mothers and babies in the conflict in Ukraine and advocated for essential supplies to be provided at international agency and NHS management level. The group has been instrumental in facilitating the preparation and planning of delivery of Baby Lifeline bags to Ukraine. 

8. The group has continued to advocate for mothers and babies by drawing attention to the extreme circumstances mothers and babies are being cared for in Ukraine - there have been interviews with ITV, RTE, BBC Scotland and a press release provided to the Telegraph. We understand the there will be more national newspaper coverage in the next week. 

9. The Ukraine Perinatal Group has engaged with the International Committee for the Red Cross through their Paediatric Lead at head office in Geneva to advocate and ensure support can be provided for mothers and babies. A member of the group will represent both BAPM and RCPCH at the UK Red Cross response meeting taking place this week. The group has also engaged with WHO. 

10. The group is in regular contact with colleagues in Ukraine but has been unable to make contact in Mariupol. The group has however been able to contact the Lead for Perinatology in Kharkiv this week and has organised for equipment and medications (3 month supply) to be sent this week to Kharkiv. 

11. The group is engaging British Ukrainian Aid  to further highlight needs of mothers and babies and is grateful for support so far. 

BAPM would like to acknowledge the work of members Cora Doherty, Aniko Deierl, Julie-Clare Becher and Sarah Bates.

British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) is registered in England & Wales under charity number 1199712 at 5-11 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8SH.
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