The NEDS course in neonatology course has been created with a view to providing high stakes simulation to engage participants in human factors training geared towards teaching crew resource management. The course aims to address the multidisciplinary management of neonatal emergencies using a human factors approach, addressing different physiological systems - standardising systems, equipment, teams, leadership communication and human resource management (HRM), as well as the use of appropriate technology where applicable.

The intention is to help individuals, institutions, hospitals, teams and co-specialties develop skills above and beyond knowledge and skills.

The CRM course combines lectures, workshops, and simulation to help deliver training in approaching neonatal emergencies and difficult situations. The course offers participants the opportunity to work in small groups to manage a range of simulated neonatal emergencies alongside a team of neonatologists, experienced neonatal nurses and ethicists. The intention is to provide teams with the ability to deal with these emergencies in a structured way using CRM principles. There will be situations that challenge not just your clinical skills but your ability to work as a team, problem-solve and optimise outcomes. Some situations will involve ethical dilemmas as well. Issues addressed include optimising teamwork, reducing medical error, fixation, stress management, delegation, checklist use and awareness of systems issues. The focus is on developing skills like leadership, critical thinking in difficult situations, situational awareness and stress inoculation. 

The atmosphere aims to replicate the intensive care environment and participants are expected to function at their level of experience and training. The aim is to challenge your abilities in a safe environment but patient outcomes will reflect management strategies. Patients can die as part of the scenario. Discussion is encouraged and the faculty will support participants in decision making. There is a huge amount of psychological aftercare. Each 1-day course covers a specific theme such as prematurity, respiratory, cardiac, neurological and surgical problems in the neonate.

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British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) is registered in England & Wales under charity number 285357 at 5-11 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8SH.
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