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Following the success of the 2nd Neonatal Neurology Conference in 2018, the 3rd edition of this conference will be held in September 2021 (rescheduled from June 2020). Experts from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland and the UK will present the latest advances in neonatal encephalopathy and therapeutic hypothermia, neonatal seizures, neonatal imaging, and other topics related to neonatal neurology.

The conference includes interactive sessions and discussions on neonatal hot-topics. Luton NeoCon strives to encourage and promote neonatal academia; we are currently accepting poster submissions for our virtual poster gallery and for oral presentation. We are looking forward to meeting delegates who have registered for the in-person option on Day 3 (9th September).

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Contact: Elise Etheridge


Session 1: HIE (13:30-14:30)
Chairpersons: Prof Deirdre Murray & Prof Frances Cowan
13:30-14:00: Clinical assessment and monitoring during therapeutic hypothermia: Prof Seetha Shankaran
14:00-14:30: Maximising information using aEEG in HIE: Prof Lena Hellström-Westas

Session 2: Neonatal brain injury (14:45-16:15)
Chairpersons: Prof Deirdre Murray & Prof Frances Cowan
14:45-15:15: Neuroprotective effects of Erythropoietin on neonatal brain injury: Prof Sandra Juul
15:15-15:45: Counselling parents after early neonatal brain injury: Dr Monica Lemmon
15:45-16:15: Panel Q&A
16:15-16:40: Sponsored symposium (Sessions 1 & 2)

Session 3: Ventriculomegaly (17:15-18:45)
Chairpersons: Prof Sandra Juul & Prof Robert Clancy
17:15-17:45: Post-haemorrhagic ventriculomegaly in infants <27 weeks gestation: Prof Seetha Shankaran
17:45-18:15: PHVD - When best to intervene? Prof Linda de Vries
18:15-18:45: Panel Q&A 
18:50-19:15: Sponsored symposium (Sessions 3 & 4)

Session 4: Mild HIE (19:30-21:00)
Chairpersons: Prof Sudhin Thayyil & Prof Seetha Shankaran
19:30-20:00: Mild HIE – Is the drift to offer therapeutic hypothermia to babies with mild HIE justified? Prof Deirdre Murray
20:00-20:30: Updates and unknowns in mild HIE: Prof Alistair Gunn
20:30-21:00: Panel Q&A
21:00: Close


Session 1: Neonatal Seizures I (13:30-14:30)
Chairpersons: Prof Linda DeVries & Prof Nikki Robertson
13:30-14:00: Neonatal stroke: Prof Frances Cowan
14:00-14:30: Feasibility of routine aEEG monitoring in preterm infants: Prof Lena Hellström-Westas

Session 2: Neonatal Seizures II (14:45-16:15)
Chairpersons: Prof Linda DeVries & Prof Nikki Robertson
14:45-15:15: Neonatal seizures: Pitfalls in diagnosis, management & outcome: Prof Robert Clancy
15:15-15:45: Should Levetiracetam be the first line anti-convulsant in neonates? Dr Anthony Hart
15:45-16:15: Panel Q&A
16:20-16:45: Sponsored symposium (Sessions 1 & 2)

Session 3: Oral presentations (17:15-18:00)
Scientific committee: Dr Anthony Hart, Dr Jogesh Kapadia & Dr Bharat Vakharia
17:15-17:45: Young Researcher’s Presentations (7 minutes x 4)
17:45-18:00: Comments from judge’s panel and award
18:05-18:30: Sponsored symposium (Sessions 3 & 4)

Session 4: Preterm brain (18:45-20:45)
Chairpersons: Prof Sudhin Thayyil & Dr Anthony Hart
18:45-19:15: Use of Erythropoietin in extreme preterm infants? Prof Sandra Juul
19:15-19:45: Follow up of ELBW babies: Prof Seetha Shankaran
19:45-20:15: Preventing Cerebral Palsy: Prof Nadia Badawi
20:15-20:45: Panel Q&A
20:45: Close


11:00-11:55 Registration & Coffee

Session 1: HIE (12:00-14:30)
Chairperson: Prof Mary Rutherford
12:00-12:30: Stem cell therapy for Neonatal Encephalopathy: Prof Nikki Robertson 
12:30-13:00: Newborn Neuroprotection in the developing world: Prof Sudhin Thayyil
13:00-13:30: Melatonin for birth asphyxia: time for clinical trials: Prof Nikki Robertson
13:30-14:00: Next generation trials in neonatal encephalopathy: Prof Sudhin Thayyil
14:00-14:30: Panel Q&A
14:35-15:00: Sponsored symposium 
15:00-15:30: Lunch

Session 2: Neuro-imaging in neonates (15:30-17:00)
Chairpersons: Prof Nikki Robertson & Prof Sudhin Thayyil
15:30-16:00: MRI in non-HIE neonatal seizures: Prof Mary Rutherford
16:00-16:30: MRS in HIE – time to integrate in clinical practice? Dr Anthony Hart
16:30-17:00: Panel Q&A
17:05-17:30: Sponsored symposium
17:30-17:45: Coffee break

Session 3: Miscellaneous (17:45-19:15)
Chairperson: Dr Anthony Hart
17:45-18:15: Congenital and Postnatal CMV: Screening, advances in management and follow up: Dr Hermione Lyall
18:15-18:45: Role of MRI in late gestation with a view to identify the at-risk fetus: Prof Mary Rutherford
18:45-19:15: Panel Q&A
19:15: Close

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