Neonatal Service Quality Indicators webinar

29 Mar 2018 - 1:00pm

To further introduce the new Neonatal Service Quality Indicators framework developed by BAPM and Bliss, Dr Gopi Menon , BAPM's President, and Caroline Lee-Davey , Bliss' Chief Executive, will be hosting a FREE webinar to answer any questions you may have.

This session is open to all neonatal professionals, parents, commissioners and other stakeholders.


5th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy

22 Feb 2018
Paragon Group

The goals of the The Fifth International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP) 2018 which will take place in Bologna, Italy on February 22-25, 2018 is to advance the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals around the globe by exchange of information, development of collaborative research and adopt and update recent guidelines for the management of cardiovascular (CV) diseases during pregnancy and the post partum period

Communicating with families when children have a life limiting condition and complex needs

23 Feb 2018
Child Bereavement UK

Gain a deeper understanding of families’ needs and the difficulties they may face from diagnosis onwards. This training adheres to Department of Health and Together for Short Lives guidelines. This training is suitable for professionals based in the community or in a community setting.

I feel it has enhanced my communication skills with coping with challenging situations. It was a very supportive environment to explore past experiences from all participants within the group....

Supporting parents through pregnancy loss and the death of a baby

28 Feb 2018
Child Bereavement UK

Explore the impact that pregnancy loss and the death of a baby can have on a family as outlined in updated guidelines by SANDS and the Royal College of Midwives. The workshop is for those whose works brings them into contact with families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, termination due to fetal anomaly, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Excellent workshop. Fitted so much in one day but nothing felt rushed! I’m going home feeling even more passionate, empowered and...

Infant Feeding: Polices, politics and best practice

5 Mar 2018
Maternity & the Newborn Forum, Royal Society of Medicine

This one day meeting will review the latest research and guidelines on infant feeding and introduction of solids and to explore the common issues facing parents in the first year.


Know about the guidelines and research into infant feeding and the introduction of solids Understand the concerns that parents and health professionals have about infant feeding and introduction of solids Understand benefits and challenges of using peer support and social media to support...

Considering the impact on healthcare professionals when a child dies

12 Mar 2018
Child Bereavement UK

When your work brings you in to contact with child death, it is impossible not to be affected. This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to reflect on the impact this work has on you. This is a workshop for all health professionals whose work brings them into contact with families who are grieving after the death of a child or who may be facing the death of a child.

I found every aspect of the training useful. It was an intense day, but I found it improved my knowledge and I...

International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INOPSU)

12 Mar 2018

The conference will explore paediatric rare disease surveillance and its global impact on public health and clinical practice.

Cutting edge scientific data will be presented from world leading clinicians, scientists and policy-makers. Presentations will consider the central role paediatric surveillance has played in addressing infectious diseases and other conditions. Presentations will consider variant CJD; the primacy of international collaborations on understanding the natural...

Bliss Baby Charter Conference

12 Mar 2018

Join us and a team of expert speakers from across the UK at our Bliss Baby Charter Conference.

A combination of lectures and workshops will be delivered by renowned speakers in neonatal care including:

Inga Warren, Senior NIDCAP trainer, UK NIDCAP centre Neil Marlow, Professor of Neonatal Medicine Susanna Sakonidou, Clinical Research Fellow in Neonatal Medicine, BUDS project (Better Use of Data to improve parent Satisfaction) Alex Mancini, PAN London Lead Nurse for Palliative...

2018 First steps in Neonatal Brain Ultrasound: an amazing, adventurous journey!

20 Mar 2018
AIM Group International

The 10th edition of the International Course of Neonatal Ultrasonography, 2018 Neonatal Ultrasound Course: Why,how and when an ultrasound image?",

The teachers are paediatric radiologists. Is open to paediatric radiologists and paediatricians. The course is endorsed by EFSUMB. UEMS and CME credits are included.

Munich Neocon 2018 - Workshops aEEG and NIRS

23 Mar 2018
Childrens Hospital St. Marien of Landshut.

This conference is set to offer a comprehensive workshop for starters as well as already experienced users to learn about the complexities and applications of both aEEG and NIRS. The faculty is assembled of renown experts in the field, giving you a unique opportunity to learn from the basis of extensive experience. Besides the focus on the field of Neonatology, we also give an insight on the potential benefits for paediatric intensive care medicine.