BAPM 2018 Annual Conference & Scientific Meeting

27 Sep 2018
2018 Annual Conference and Scientific Meeting: Excellence in Perinatal Practice ***FULLY BOOKED****

Please contact the BAPM Office to be placed on the waiting list

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Summary : The conference will showcase the best and most up to date evidence in perinatal care through lectures,...

BAPM Annual General Meeting (AGM)

27 Sep 2018 - 9:30am

BAPM's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is for BAPM members only.

Any BAPM members that have booked to attend the annual conference are welcome to attend the AGM, no further action is required. If you wish to attend the AGM but not the conference please contact the BAPM office to let us know.

5th World Congress on Midwifery and Women's Health

1 Oct 2018
Conference Series

The theme of the conference is “ Excelling Innovations in Midwifery and Nursing for Women’s Health ” to create awareness on the current needs & growth in Midwifery & Women’s Health field.

Important Information: ➜ For abstract submission: Click Here ➜ Special discounts on registration fee for group registrations ➜ First Early Bird date(Extended Date): June 9th, 2018


FINE Masterclass

1 Oct 2018

The day will provide an opportunity for health professionals to share experience, and discuss challenges and ideas surrounding developmental care. Parents and professionals will present some inspiring projects and research results. This Masterclass complements the ongoing FINE training programme that is delivered across the UK.

The event is open to anyone who has completed FINE Level 1: Foundation Toolkit or FINE level 2: Practical Skills.

For more information, contact...

International Conference Neonatal and Perinatal 2018: Advancements and Discoveries in the field of Neonatology

4 Oct 2018

We amiably invite all the prominent scientists, students and ambassadors to engage in our Neonatal and Perinatal Care conference to share and emphasize various research works and contribute to the vast growing field of neonatal and perinatal research.

Neonatal and Perinatal Care 2018 symposium targets the undiscovered phases of neonatal and perinatal research which gives an inimitable chance to researchers all over the world to participate, share and perceive new thoughts and also...

Perinatal Mental Health Summit: Implementing the 2018 National Perinatal Mental Health Care Pathways

8 Oct 2018
HC-UK Conferences Ltd

This National Perinatal Mental Health Summit focuses specifically on implementing the 2018 National Perinatal Mental Health Care Pathways. The five pathways announced in May 2018 focus on Preconception advice, Specialist assessment, Emergency assessment, Psychological interventions and Inpatient care.

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FINE level 2: Practical Skills

8 Oct 2018

This course is the second level in the Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) curriculum and is spread over 12 weeks, building on the learning from the Foundation Toolkit training. The first half of the course is devoted to behavioural observation and the second half integrates this into the caregiving context.

Delegates must attend FINE level 1 before attending this course.

For more information, contact

26th European Pediatrics Congress

22 Oct 2018
Conference Series

The 26th European Pediatrics Conference, to be held October 22 – 23, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We welcome all the eminent researchers, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming conference to witness invaluable scientific discussions and contribute to the future revolutions in the field of Pediatrics. Euro Pediatrics 2018 will be sorted out around the theme “ Enlightening The Advancements And Exploring The New Horizons In Pediatrics"

Pediatrics is the branch of...

6th International Conference SIGNEC

29 Oct 2018

The aim of this event is to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration to optimise research and improvements in practice

Who should attend:

Attendance is expected from neonatologists, paediatricians, surgeons, nurses, trainees, basic science researchers and other healthcare professionals.

The 7th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies

30 Oct 2018

Serving as a nexus for the wealth of knowledge provided by three leading paediatric societies, the 7th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS 2018) promises to build on the reputation of previous highly successful meetings. Paediatric professionals from around the world will gain unparalleled access to the best scientific research programmes.

Firmly established yet dedicated to thinking outside the box, EAPS 2018 aims to engage the world’s best in a hearty...