With the deadline for submitting an abstract for the Spring Conference fast approaching, we caught up with Dr T’ng Chang Kwok, winner of the 'Best Oral Presentation' award at the 2022 BAPM Annual Conference. He tells us about what prompted him to submit an abstract and how it felt to be awarded a prize.

What was the subject of your abstract?

My abstract was about the use of postnatal corticosteroids for bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature infants born below 32 weeks of gestation. We used routinely collected electronic healthcare data that was extracted from the National Neonatal Research Database to explore the trend of postnatal corticosteroid use as well as respiratory outcomes nationally in England and Wales over an 11-year period from 2010 to 2020.

What made you want to submit this as a conference abstract?

During my clinical training, I recognised some of the challenges faced by neonatal healthcare professionals in discussing the use of postnatal corticosteroids, especially dexamethasone, with parents in premature infants due to the lack of evidence and difficulty in identifying the right baby for the right treatment dosage at the right time. Hence, when my research work found that the incidence of bronchopulmonary dysplasia is increasing with greater exposure to postnatal corticosteroids, the BAPM conference felt like the perfect avenue to share my findings widely with neonatal healthcare professionals across the country. Furthermore, I could also use the opportunity to highlight the importance of entering accurate data electronically as part of routine care, which could help us understand the care we provide to our babies further.

How did you find that experience of presenting?

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of presenting at the BAPM conference. I must admit that I was very anxious initially at the thought of having to present my findings on a large stage and answering questions from experts within the audience. However, I had the support of my colleagues and fellow co-presenters which made the experience much better. Furthermore, I felt a sense of accomplishment after presenting and developed my presentation skills further. The questions asked during my presentation have also helped to inform my current research work.

How did you feel winning ‘Best Oral Presentation’?

I was very surprised and grateful to have been awarded the 'Best Oral Presentation'. There were a lot of excellent projects presented brilliantly during the two-day conference, which I learnt a lot from. Therefore, I felt very honoured to be awarded a prize.

What advice do you have for those considering submitting a conference abstract this year?

I would strongly recommend anyone considering submitting an abstract to the BAPM conference to just go for it. As a trainee myself, I would suggest having a discussion with your education/clinical supervisor first on the key message of your work and start writing as the deadline is closing soon. There are many useful resources out there including the RCPCH academic toolkit. BAPM conference is a perfect place to share your findings/message easily with a group of engaging perinatal healthcare professionals nationally. 

The deadline for submitting an abstract for the Spring Conference is 28 February. 

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