Our mission is to improve standards of perinatal care by supporting all those involved in perinatal care to optimise their skills and knowledge, deliver and share high quality safe and innovative practice, undertake research, and promote the needs of babies and their families.



Family Centred Care

We believe that involving families in care provision and decision making provides the best outcomes for babies.

Working collaboratively

We believe that a collaborative approach where all health professionals work together provides the safest and most effective service for babies and families.

Trust and Transparency

We believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality in delivering our work on behalf of our members, their patients and families


Strategic aims:

  1. To help deliver high quality perinatal care
  2. To provide support and advocacy for perinatal professionals
  3. To promote research and innovation in perinatal care
  4. To provide advocacy for babies and their families 


A full copy of the BAPM 2017-2020 Strategy