Formerly: South East London Neonatal Network and South West London Neonatal Network

Hospitals in network

  • King’s College Hospital - NICU
  • St Thomas’ Hospital - NICU
  • Princess Royal University Hospital - SCBU
  • University Hospital Lewisham - LNU
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital - SCBU
  • St George’s Hospital - NICU
  • Epsom General Hospital - SCBU
  • Kingston Hospital - LNU
  • Mayday Hospital - LNU
  • St Helier Hospital - LNU


Network Total Births - TBC

Clinical Lead - Tim Watts, and Justin Richards,

Network Director/ Programme Manager - Suzanne Sweeney,

Lead Nurse - Julia Croft, 

London Clinical Director - Grenville Fox, 

Pan London Lead Nurse - Jenni Jagodzinski,

London IT Analyst - Amber J. Gibney

Clinical Governance Lead - Karen Turnock, and Arun Kumar,

Network Board  - Made up of representation from each Trust, and supported by the London Neonatal Management team hosted by the London Specialised Commisioning Group.

South London ODN Website