QI Made Easy

Providing readily accessible QI training for all staff is vital in building a safety culture where quality is integral to our daily work. This online learning resource will support delivery of quality improvement in your unit and aligns with our NSQIs on Training for Quality and Patient Safety. 
We begin with our “QI Made Easy” series which helps to build QI knowledge and understanding for all staff. This series will provide a number of guides on various QI topics, simplifying the complex terminology to best help you deliver QI in your service.
Our topics will be updated bimonthly and will include:
  • Planning your QI project 
  • Building a QI Team
  • Driver diagrams & process mapping 
  • Developing Measures
  • PDSAs
  • Recording & displaying data 
Click here for the first of our guides: ‘Planning your QI project


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QI Made Easy group: Lyndsey Still (Lead), Lisa Barker, Sarah Bates, Malini Ketty