Formerly: North Central London Neonatal Network and North East London & North Middlesex Perinatal Network

Hospitals in network

  • Queen's Hospital, Romford - LNU
  • Homerton University Hospital: Perinatal centre - NICU
  • Newham General Hospital - LNU
  • North Middlesex Hospital - LNU
  • Royal London Hospital: Perinatal centre with neonatal surgery - NICU
  • Whipps Cross Hospital - LNU
  • University College London Hospital - NICU
  • Barnet Hospital - LNU
  • Whittingdon Hospital - LNU
  • Royal Free London - SCBU
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children - PICU

Network Total Births -  TBC

Clinical Lead - Dr Angela Huertas-Ceballos, and Dr Nadiran Ratnavel,

Network Director/Programme Manager - Suzanne Sweeney,

Lead Nurse - Mae Nugent, and Ureka Singh,

London Clinical Director -  Grenville Fox, 

Pan London Lead Nurse - Jenni Jagodzinski,

London IT Analyst - Amber J. Gibney

Clincal Governance Lead - Mark Sellwood,

Network Board - Established with multidisciplinary membership with 2 members from each Trust plus Strategic Health Authority and Workforce Development Confederation representation. User representation is currently being addressed.

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