World Prematurity Day, 17 November

16 November 2018

On Saturday 17th November, we observe World Prematurity Day. As we do so, neonatal professionals have reason to celebrate improvements in mortality and serious morbidity won through hard work and innovation.

At the same time, we all acknowledge that there is a lot more still to be done. Preterm delivery continues to create a global health burden, with the highest rates seen in those most socioeconomically disadvantaged. UK neonatal mortality rates are higher than those in other countries with comparably developed health care systems, and we have some way to go to show that our care results in good long-term outcomes.

At BAPM we will continue to pursue our mission to ensure the highest standard of perinatal care for each baby and their family by working with other agencies towards the generation of more research evidence, and by supporting the implementation of best practice through professional standards, quality improvement and national collaboration. 
Thank you for your help and support.

Dr Gopi Menon
BAPM President