TAMBA survey on research priorities for twins' and multiples' health.

29 October 2018

The Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA) is launching a new initiative to identify the top 5-10 priorities for research into twins’ and multiples’ health. It is being led collaboratively by Twins Research Australia, based at the University of Melbourne, TAMBA UK, and St George’s University of London.   They believe there has been insufficient focus and attention given to the specific health needs of the multiple-birth community even though the number of multiple births has increased over time. 
Participation involves completing an initial 15-minute online survey by 5th November 2018. The survey asks participants to suggest up to three important unanswered research questions on the health of multiples, including development, health, disease, emotional, and mental wellbeing etc.
People who complete the first survey will receive an invitation to participate in a second short survey in around six months’ time and will be asked to rank the top 10 research questions identified in the first survey.  
TAMBA believes that this initiative will provide a significant opportunity to improve the health of twins, multiples and their families.

Contact Natasha Fenwick at TAMBA for more information.