Consultation open! BAPM Guidance on Cot Capacity and the use of Nurse Staffing standards

2 August 2018

This new BAPM Guidance on Cot Capacity and the use of Nurse Staffing Standards aims to supersede the BAPM guidance on optimal nurse staffing which was developed in 2010. 

The new document concludes that:

  1. Neonatal units should make sure that their senior team is aware of mechanisms for accessing clinical advice, and for escalating to the network when an offer of maternal or neonatal transfer into their maternity unit has to be declined.
  2. Networks should have a mechanism for overseeing the optimal management of cot capacity and maternal or neonatal transfer.
  3. Commissioners and service reviewers should expect units and networks to have the above mechanisms in place and for them to be able to provide evidence of their functioning and any quality improvement related to this.
  4. Parents should expect to be told the rationale for any transfer and to receive basic information about the receiving unit prior to the transfer.

BAPM is welcoming comments and suggestions to this draft document. To comment, please download and complete the BAPM Response Form and return to the BAPM Office by 21st September 2018