BAPM Standards for Neonatal Transitional Care Consultation

19 June 2017

BAPM currently consulting on Standards for Neonatal Transitional Care!

Recognising that it would be helpful to have a professional statement of the requirements for Neonatal Transitional Care, including staffing, from neonatal and midwifery perspectives, BAPM agreed that a working group would be set up to draw up a definition and specifications for neonatal transitional care and the draft framework.

The group, chaired by Dr Helen Mactier, Honorary Secretary, BAPM, has had representation from a range of stakeholders involved in the care of these babies. The group considered:

  1. A working definition of Neonatal Transitional Care (TC)
  2. The settings in which TC may be delivered
  3. A framework for determining what are the care requirements for the mother and baby of such a pair
  4. What kinds of professionals could deliver this care, and what competencies are required in order to deliver it effectively

We ask that colleagues review the draft document A Framework for Neonatal Transitional Care. If you would like to make a comment please complete the consultation response form and return to the BAPM Office by Friday, 21 July 2017.