Perinatal Mental Health Annual Meeting

13 Dec 2018 to 14 Dec 2018
27 Sussex Place, Marylebone,
United Kingdom

Mental health problem affect 20% of women in the perinatal period and suicide is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality. Many of the women with these problems are not recognised as being unwell and go untreated.

Specialist perinatal mental health services are being developed across the UK and there is a need for all professionals who work with women in pregnancy and the postnatal period to have skills in detecting, assessing and managing the conditions.

This two-day course for obstetricians, gynaecologists, midwives, health visitors, GPs and mental health professionals will increase understanding of maternal mental disorders. The course will be delivered by experts from psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, obstetrics and midwifery in Perinatal Mental Health and the content will reflect the HEE PMH Competency Framework objectives.

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