BAPM Webinar: Neonatal Critical Care Review

15 Nov 2018 - 1:00pm

Panelists: Professor Neil Marlow, Mr Daniel Eve 
Chair: Kate Dinwiddy
Date: 15 November 2018
Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Have your input into the Neonatal Critical Care Review by joining the BAPM webinar. Professor Marlow will present an overview of the review journey to date and then take questions. You can submit a question during the webinar or send a question in advance to BAPM Office. Questions will be put to Professor Marlow by the chair.


In 2016 the National Maternity Review, “Better Births”, highlighted a number of concerns linked to neonatal medical and nursing staffing numbers, nurse training, the provision of support staff and cot capacity, and to safety and sustainability. It was recommended that a review of neonatal services was undertaken. 
Professor Neil Marlow (Chair), and the members of the Neonatal Critical Care Clinical Reference Group were therefore commissioned to carry out the Neonatal Critical Care Review, supported by the NHS England Women and Children’s Programme of Care Board (WCPCB). The Neonatal Critical Care Review gathered evidence, examined key aspects of neonatal care and engaged with experts from across the system. The findings of this evidence review have informed the development of recommendations for changes aimed at improving neonatal care and addressing the concerns raised in the National Maternity Review.
The Neonatal Critical Care Review team are currently seeking the input of a wider group of experts through experience (families and parents), clinicians and NHS England staff at a series of stakeholder events. The aim of these events is to listen to what interested professionals and parents tell us about these services.  Following these events, the final action plan will be developed over the next month.

About BAPM webinars

BAPM webinars allow you to learn more about neonatal topics and ask questions to presenters from your own computer. When you book onto the webinar through the BAPM website you will be sent a link which you should save and click to join the webinar at the appropriate time. During the webinar you can type a question and send to the chair to put to the presenters. We will try to get through as many audience questions as possible during the time allowed. If you cannot join the webinar live then you can email a question in advance to the BAPM OfficeThe webinar will also be available to watch on the BAPM website afterwards in the member resources section.

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