Perinatal Post Mortem Consent Survey

The Perinatal Post Mortem Consent Working Group (on behalf of the SSBC Newborn Network) are aiming to develop a training package that will be available to health professionals who obtain consent for Perinatal Post Mortems.

In order to help us design a useful educational resource, we have designed this survey which aims to collect information on existing practices relating to Perinatal Post Mortem Consent. It is targeted at health professionals who are or will be involved in obtaining consent for perinatal post mortems during their careers. If you feel this is applicable to you, we would be very grateful if you could complete our survey:

The questionnare should take approx.15 minutes to complete.The survey will be open until Friday 22nd June.

Thank you.

Management of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) in Extremely Preterm Infants

Hello, we wish to look at local, national and international variations in practice with respect to management of the PDA in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 

If you are neonatologists and paediatricians working within a NICU please help by completing:

Thank you,

Sarak Clarke, Medicine IV, UNSW Australia

Survey on Feeding Babies of 30-32+6 weeks

Hello, we are preparing the second round application for NIH HTA trial funding and would be very grateful if you could help: 


It should take less than 10 minutes to complete

Thank you