Dietitians (NDIG)

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A world wide listserv for dietitians and other health care professionals interested in neonatal, perinatal and pediatric nutrition. The purpose of this group is to allow members to share ideas and strategies for management of nutritional problems relating to infants and children. Individuals involved in NICUs, PICUs and other paediatric inpatient and outpatient groups are encouraged to join and participate.

To subscribe to the list, send an E-mail message to:

On the first line of the text type: Subscribe

In the second line of the text type: End

Then just click: Send

This listserv has many members so you can be inundated with emails. You may wish to set up a separate hotmail account just for this purpose. To reduce emails it can be obtained in daily digest format. Send “QUERY PEDI-RD” as a message to and you will be told how to do this. These details do sometimes change and you can end up getting automated responses that are difficult to understand as it is completely automated with no human input.

NICU-Net is a mailing list for health care professionals working in the field of neonatal/perinatal medicine. This is a closed, moderated mailing list; messages are edited as necessary to remove information which might identify patients or otherwise compromise patient privacy.

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Last updated March 2014